Film Production

Pre-production (film)


This is where the idea is generated and the planning is done. The film would be storyboarded. Schedule and budget would be planned. Equipment and location arranged.

Who? The producer is in charge. You would also have writers, designers and artists involved here.

Production (film)

End of Watch

This is where the filming is done on set. Each shot is filmed according to the plan. There might be a variety of locations involved, depending on the film.

Who? The director is in charge. He has to instruct the actors as well as the crew, which would involve cameramen, lighting, props, drivers, stuntmen and foley artists.

Post-production (film)


This is where all the scenes that were filmed are organised and edited to make a cohesive film. Special effects, music and credits are added.

Who? The editor is in charge here. There will be a lot of specialists involved to add in effects and music. Publicists will be starting to advertise and contacting the press. A website for the film will be created and trailers will be created and broadcast.

Here is a short guide to make a short movie.


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